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Confirmation Retreat

March 10-12, 2017

Why Confirmation Retreat?
Sometimes, we need space in our faith journey for reflection. At Confirmation Retreat you & your youth will be given space to learn, reflect, and grow outside of a typical church setting. You have the chance to connect with others on the same journey. Imagine what that could mean for your confirmands!

What happens during the retreat?
Youth will hear from the keynote speaker about Sacraments & Statements of Faith. They will have the opportunity to break off into small groups to take what they hear and apply it to real life as they begin to create their own statements of faith and begin to understand the meaning of Sacraments.
What are the details?
The retreat begins at 8pm on Friday, March 10th @ 7:30pm and concludes at 11am on Sunday, March 12th. All meals on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday are included. There will be recreation & free time on Saturday afternoon. The cost per attendee is $95.
Please direct your questions to the office at (770) 946-4276 or email